Leading copper cathode supplier

Luika Community Investments is dedicated to supplying quality agricultural products to their clients. Regardless of being a local Sierra Leonean organization, they have managed to export their products to many international buyers in various nations. Our commitments, fair dealing, and excellent service have helped us grow in the global market with clients showering love over us. Being an experienced copper cathode supplier, our entire focus is always on maintaining our quality standards. We are aware of how important our products are in the Agro market, and we know that our clients will use our products. Therefore, we have managed to maintain an excellent quality assurance team that makes sure all our agricultural products goes through a strict QA system. We are considered as finest copper cathode supplier in the market.

In this system, we have formed an alliance locally that includes farmers, traders, transporters, agriculturists and ever brokers to help us in analyzing all the products. Once all quality measures are finished, we make sure that the packaging is also done according to our client’s requirements. As a copper cathode supplier, we use the metallurgic process to produce copper cathodes. Our production process aims at the extraction of copper in the form of the cathode. The process begins with copper concentration, through conversion and ends with refinement on fire. Our products are frequently used for the production of copper shields, copper rods and different alloys composition. We make sure that we do adhere to the cultural norms of the countries to which our products are exported.

Best Hardwood Charcoal Supplier

Luika Community Investments is a hardwood charcoal supplier that offers a wide range of agricultural products. Other than that, our professionalism and years of experience operating in the international and local market have helped us to establish our name as a prominent hardwood charcoal supplier. Hardwood charcoal is a product made from hardwood like mesquite, oak, maple etc. Being a hardwood charcoal supplier, we provide a wood-fire and a pure flavor to the food that entices the customer. Moreover, our hardwood charcoal does not get burned while grilling may be put out.

Our charcoal related products are durable, and we manufacture hardwood charcoal for businesses in different sectors. The industries include agriculture and chemical. Also, our charcoal product is helpful for various household uses such as cooking and heating of water.

Why Choose Us

Our highly qualified and trained team is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction and support at all time. You can connect with us today to learn more about how we produce our goods. In addition, for more information regarding our products, contact us today and experience a professional representative serve and answer all your queries as well as provide you with a solution.

Providing finest quality of every product we deal in.

About Us

Luika Community Investments mission has always been to provide the best Agricultural Products in the global Agro market. We have managed to become a well-known name in the field of Agricultural Products through fair dealings and commitment towards offering only the best.

Our Mission

“To be a dynamic and competitive agricultural commodity company delivering real added value in terms of time and cost savings.

Our mission places into perspective our objectives when we handle every client, which forms the operational philosophy that we strive to abide by.


Quality Assurance

Due to agricultural production being distributed all over Sierra Leone, we have established a complete collection and circulation system throughout the country. The alliance includes farmers, agriculturalists, commodity traders, suppliers, brokers and transporters

The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. Packing as per client requirement is done at the same point. We work on a strict Transparency / Traceability basis.


Why Choose Us

Luika Community Investments offers not only a wide range of agricultural products but also professional approach and knowledge of international and local markets which helps us to establish a good will in the international market as well as in the national market.

We have a very efficient and experienced management team which provides total customer satisfaction through :


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