How to Verify the Quality of Gold Dust and Uncut Diamond
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January 14, 2019
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Gold is assumed to be the precious commodity, right from the ancient times. To buy gold and to sell it in the appropriate time is supposed to be the best investment made. In the old days, a person has to go to the store to buy gold. But advancement in technology has made it easier for consumers to purchase gold by sitting at home.

While purchasing gold online, the critical aspect is to identify the best gold dust exporter. Because the credibility of the gold dust exporter helps the buyer to have the satisfaction and then buy or invest in this valuable commodity. Similarly, another commodity considered to be valuable in line with gold is the uncut diamond. What differentiates between cut and uncut diamond is the quality of refraction of this gemstone. Just like gold, diamonds are also purchased online and again, reliability of uncut diamond exporter remains the critical factor.

While buying gold dust or uncut diamond, a question arises about how to verify the gold dust and uncut diamond? So, here are some of the tips and tests that provide verification solutions to the above question:

Gold Dust Verification

Gold has a unique quality to shine, especially in sunlight. Due to this, gold attracts us and makes our eyes glitter. So, when a gold dust exporter sends you gold dust, it will shine in the sunlight and will not sparkle.

In addition to this tip, gold lacks the quality to be magnetic. Therefore, pure gold dust will not be attracted by a magnet. Another tip to verify gold dust is to hit a hammer on the big chunk found within the gold dust. If that chunk gets shattered, that means it is not a speck of gold dust.

Uncut Diamond Verification:

While verifying or distinguishing between pure or impure diamond, it is essential to mention that diamond is non-metal. Therefore, while buying a diamond from an uncut diamond and gold bar exporter, test the specific gravity.

Also, the hardness test is a method to verify the diamond. Diamond is rated at 10 when it is checked on Scale of Hardness. All in all, customer satisfaction is crucial in every business. There is always a risk of getting fooled between what is ordered and what is received. Since it is vital to selling the end user an authentic product, purity test is essential.

Hope the above tests will be fruitful for you in future purchasing of gold dust and uncut diamond.

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