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Gold Dust Exporter and Gold Dust Supplier

Luika Community Investments is a Kenyan organization that deals with agricultural products. Over the past few years, they have managed to serve many clients both locally and internationally. With their quality products, we as a best gold dust exporter have managed to gain a positive reputation in the industry.

As a leading gold dust supplier, we make sure that all orders are dealt with dedication. There are many companies that deliver gold dust with low-quality mixtures to reduce their cost and boost their revenue. However, we don’t believe in operating under unfair measures. We have always given fair trading utmost importance.

Other than that, our quality assurance team still checks every product and order we complete ensuring all international standards are met and the quality level is also maintained. Other than being a gold dust exporter, we also supply various other agricultural products. Our gold bars, rough diamonds and many other Agro-industry products are highly appreciated in the global market.

Connect with us today to experience excellent products and services from our highly qualified and superbly trained representative. Luika Community Investments will never disappoint you with their service, quality and products.

As a gold dust supplier, we proclaim that we are one the leading name as an authentic supplier. Being the gold industry for several years, we have huge responsibilities to maintain our name as a reliable supplier.

Leading Gold Dust Supplier

As far as gold dust is concerned, it is quite challenging to mark its authenticity. Many fake suppliers are operating in the market. Some tests can be performed to check the authenticity of the gold dust exporter.

One of the tests is the acid test. Scratch the gold and gently place a drop of nitric acid on the place of scratch. If the spot color turns green, it is proof of impure gold. On the contrary, if the color turns milky, you have silver instead of gold. If the spot remains as is, you have got the pure gold.

So, if you are in search of a pure gold or gold dust supplier, we are the one for you.

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