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Rough Diamond

Product: Rough Uncut Diamond
Shape: makeable/Sawable
Carat: 1 – 25 CT / stones
Clarity: IF, VVS1-VVS2; VS1-VS2, SI
Colour: D, E, F, G, H, I, J – white
Treatment: none

Leading Rough Diamond Supplier

Luika Community Investments is a leading rough diamond exporter and best rough diamond supplier. Apart from dealing with local companies in Kenya, they have managed to spread their wings by exporting rough diamonds and various other products to international buyers. Other than that, we have managed to set an excellent customer support network to ensure all our clients are served in the best way.

Rough diamonds aren’t easy to get! However, with years of experience, we have the knowledge and resources to export our products to all nations around the globe legally. Once you connect with us, our representatives will guide you throughout the process.

As a rough diamond exporter, our organization has managed to develop many relationships. In fact, many of our prospects have entitled as their sole rough diamond manufacturer to do business with. With our reputation in this industry, you can easily understand that we provide top-class services and quality products. Other than diamonds, we also deal in gold and various other agricultural products.

Our quality assurance team is a crucial sector behind our success. They make sure all our goods are thoroughly checked before being shipped to our clients.

Best Rough Diamond Exporter

A rough diamond supplier can exist in more than ten countries, including the USA, as per different researches. Typically, a rough diamond is found in rivers, beaches. It can be encased in rock as well. Various tests are conducted to find the originality of a rough diamond. Due to distinctive properties rough diamond exporter, that segregates it from a gemstone.

Rough diamonds are available in different states and shapes. The diamond can have many sides and faces. A raw diamond can also have various sorts of surfaces, e.g. frosted. The most famous diamond is a colorless diamond. However, there are many kinds of colorful rough diamonds and uncut diamonds. The colors include black, blue, red, pink and orange. We aim to provide our customers top-notch rough diamond in every possible color, shape and surface. If you are in search of a reliable and rough diamond supplier, you have landed on the right web space.

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